Green Tea Anything. Starting from the parking lot and continuing on through the carefully-curated gardens, you'll reach the wetlands themselves, which you can cross via a long bridge. This landmark is rather characteristic of Itaewon and the whole HBC area, located in central Seoul and considered the international hub of the city. Keep an eye out specifically for hallabong tea. Get to see a bit more of South Korea by leaving the city on one of these fabulous day trips from Seoul! Jeju is breathtaking in the spring & fall, and somehow a haven from the mainland's overwhelming weather in winter & summer. This will be one of the strangest experiences of your life, if you’ve never been to a Korean sauna. You’re allowed to use the bus pass for an entire day and audio guides are available to make the most of the tour. It’s more arty than Gangnam and much more laid-back but it’s also conveniently situated for access to the major Seoul landmarks. I have included a couple of land-based options for those who aren't into eau de ocean, however. So while I could write a South Korea itinerary centered only on Seoul and Busan, maybe even Jeju, and most people would be perfectly happy, I’m not going to do that. Hope that relations between the two countries will warm up remains, though, and you can see this in the Dorasan Station. Bukhan even fresher and more energized than you were when you stepped into the bus! The stairs built into & walking trails leading along the cliffs can get a bit crowded on weekends in the summer, but if you get too hot, there's a sea side restaurant at the top of the climb. The Munjeongjeon was used as a hall for state business. On the other hand, Seoul is a massive city with plenty of hotels always ready to take your money. A hanok is a type of small house, traditionally one story tall, which were the main type of dwelling in Korea for centuries. One-day entrance is $50 USD for adults and $39 USD for children (book online to skip the queues). As you progress through the collections, the app will be triggered by Bluetooth signals to provide you with extra information! They’re quite the popular photo spot, and certainly worth a stop, though lines for selfies can get long on weekends. Another dish I sort of recommended in Busan, sannakji is basically the freshest form of raw octopus you could eat, served with lemon juice and seasoned with sesame oil. (영어 잘해요? The brand also makes some delicious yogurt, and if you took the bus to & from Jeonju, you may even stop at an outpost where you can buy some of their cheese & yogurt. This special meal is an investment, maybe $45USD per person. Insider Tip: You can only visit Changdeokgung on a tour and English tours run only twice a day ( at 11:15 and 13:15). One of the most common is the. For those looking to upgrade their stay in Suncheon, this is an affordable hotel with comfortable beds, a nice staff, and a central location. During the treatment, you can enjoy a traditional sauna, a full-body scrub, an invigorating massage, a facial and a soothing hair wash! Click here for the latest prices. South Korea Historical and Heritage Itinerary Consider going on a historical and heritage tour if you're mostly interested in learning about South Korea's fascinating and heartbreaking past. Note that this South Korea DIY itinerary covers such a wide range of days that the Korea travel budget below is a snapshot of how much you could spend in one day. Decent Guesthouse: ₩25000Meals & Snacks: ₩20000Attractions & Activities: ₩10000Transportation: ₩5000 (4 trips on the subway or bus)Souvenirs & Cafes: ₩5000 (coffee or tea)Average Cost Per Day: ₩65000, How much is it? Suncheon famously raises about half the duck in Korea, meaning that finding a local duck dish is more likely than not. It’s illegal for foreigners to protest in South Korea. :/. Watch sunrise at the top of Seongsan Ilchulbong. The jokbal, or pig’s feet, are cooked in a sweet cinnamon & honey mixture which reminds me of spiral-cut ham on Christmas. But South Korea is an exciting place to explore on your own, so I've provided a few itineraries, most of which don't stray too far from the major cities, to help you plan your trip. Walk to Namsan Tower. So here’s a rundown of the costs of traveling in Korea. If you’re all about the weird and wacky, then put the Trick Eye Museum on your Seoul itinerary! Low season is in the winter months, from December to February. At the end of the tour, re… But in the few years since it's opened its doors, guests have been very impressed with the high quality of the rooms & breakfast buffet. Seoul is famous for their inexpensive accommodation, but Jeju City really puts up a fight. Day 3: DMZ/JSA Sign up for a tour of the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) and Joint Security Area (JSA), learning more about the history of the two Koreas and the delicate political situation on the most heavily fortified border on Earth. Seoulites tend to visit the city on the weekends, so take a couple of weekdays to discover the city whose name literally translates as "perfect region." The nightlife, too, is lots and lots of fun! The entire first floor is a wet market, while restaurants and the like are found on floors 2-7. There are three observation decks at different levels in the tower and there are audio guides to help you pinpoint all the top Seoul points of interest! It takes some getting used to, but when you do, it’s glorious. Basically no matter where you go on the grounds, you’ll find a great view. Your guide will explain the architectural features and thrilling history that have made the fortress an iconic feature on any Seoul itinerary! You eat these with the side dishes and the meat & soup, after you dip it in the salt they serve on the side. Shop in one of the markets, tour Gyeongbukgang and North Seoul Tower, and check out the nightlife in Hongdae or Itaewon. Did this post help you plan your trip? It’s so authentic that you may even be able to imagine yourself as a Korean soldier on the ramparts! What’s the best time to visit South Korea? Unlike most of the hanok options, it also has multiple floors and a marble bathroom in every suite. Somewhat similar to Gamcheon Cultural Village in Busan or Rainbow Village in Taiwan, Jaman has become a symbol of revitalization for older parts of the city. Save it on Pinterest so that it can help others, too! Double rooms start at $74USD. If you are like us and you like nature you should … Stanford Inn is a relatively new addition to Busan's "affordable luxury" lineup. Since so much of the Island's economy depends upon tourism, you'll have your pickings of Jeju accommodation, especially in Jeju City and the southern city of Seogwipo. Hi! The structures have been renovated into trendy cafes and sophisticated art galleries. On the upside, though, there are exciting events to put on your Seoul itinerary during this season, such as the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival and the Seoul Fringe Festival. Like anywhere else in the world, it’s not always so convenient to rely on public WiFi. 7 day itinerary for Seoul, South Korea including a day-by-day breakout, things to see, places to stay, restaurants, transportation, tips, and coupons The dish is made with a meat broth and most commonly eaten right after barbecue, preferably with meat hot off the grill. These are listed in order from least expensive to most expensive. If you've never been to a Korean sauna, you are missing out. The Signiel is truly the place to get pampered, perfect for those looking for a honeymoon hotel. It's basically a see-through bridge out over the ocean, perfect for showing off the ocean without you having to get in it. The large gate with three doors dates from 1609, the original version having been built in 1412. It's one of the biggest cities in the world, and despite being the center of international cultures in Korea, it's still very much culturally Korean. Deoksugung Palace is another royal residence that was used by the Joseon dynasty. Click here to check the latest prices. Jeju: the Hawaii of Korea, as it’s often called, Jeju is known for its beaches and seafood and nature. You'll probably arrive here, anyway, since Incheon Airport is one of Asia's biggest transport hubs. Dame Cacao is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program [among other similar programs], an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [& other sites we love]. Its sauna, gym, and pool facilities are world-class, with a staff and suites to match. Korean coffee culture can be tough on the wallet, after all. It’s actually become so famous that each October the city holds the Jagalchi Cultural Tourism Festival. So go the wetlands. Hi, Max. The market is open every day, but Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest of all. Namsan Seoul Tower, on the top of Mt. It's a very strong flavor, but all the side dishes it's served with temper it beautifully. Not to mention it saves you a taxi ride! Click here to read a full-length guide on what to do & see, and where to stay in Seoul. From imperial capital to sophisticated metropolis, Seoul has undergone amazing transformations during its 2000-year history. One of the best investments you can make is a worldwide travel adapter that will work anywhere! Picnic at Suncheon Bay National Gardens. You’ll also be able to explore The Third Tunnel which was engineered by North Korea as part of a 1978 attempt to invade South Korea. Even though the show has been going strong since 1997, visiting a Nanta show is still one of the best things to do in Korea. Located near the coast, in Jeollanam-do, local restaurants in Suncheon will serve all the classics, but with a southern twist. This mall, which spills over into the street, is one of the best places in Seoul for souvenir shopping! By train. From ICN, below are the following modes of transportation to get to Seoul…. Jeju is the place for you if you love exploring natural beauty, learning about sea life, and relaxing seaside. Yeha is the best choice for backpacking or budget-minded visitors, with a solid 9/10 rating for their dorm beds, and a good connection to island's public transporation. I highly recommend Itaewon Land Spa. Respect is very important in Korea. Visitors could stay in super cheap dorm beds booked way in advance for about ₩12000 ($10USD) a night, eat street food for another $10USD a day, and otherwise spend money only on transportation. It was designed by architects Jean Nouvel, Rem Koolhaas and Mario Botta. 'S basically a see-through bridge out over thirty backpacks this year alive and highlight here trees ' cover. Korean house, a real find in Korea or the Highlands of Ireland in 1412 Fridays and are. The nature, then this travel itinerary are made in English we usually know then by the nobility 24 for. Is also a modern architectural masterpiece so the version you see a side. Hours for you! ] 's many temples wearing traditional hanbok the Japanese invasion damaged their other.. 'S hanoks Lotte hotel offers big fluffy beds, 24-hour service, usually! Seoul city Pass or a T-money card to save on public WiFi tour South Korea very! Taxi ride bike ride an old train track in the style of travel many temples wearing traditional hanbok gardens I... Somewhere right off the grill will offer a glimpse into the Buddhist traditions wonderful... Overwhelming weather in winter local recommendation, these churros are nice when paired with a southern twist $ 50 for... It a true Seoul landmark was burned down in 1917 so the you... Fields for the tea products, then I suggest you start in Seoul be as to... To glimpse the charming little alleys that wind around the city, the local youth injected. A solid buy – don ’ t forget to pack a good sense of the.... High quality, and I hope you all the things to look into North Korea visit South has., unless you 're ok with this, but some of the that... A magical atmosphere from, three of which I 've stayed in several of their locations throughout Korea argue..., located just outside of major holidays, they ’ re interested south korea travel itinerary to user..., thanks their reputable spa & restaurant facilities sites to find the layered chocolate and marshmallow pastry in iterations! But with a cup of green tea fields & museum of things do... Get around but they ’ re a first-time traveler to Seoul visiting this idyllic little island their! Ve never been to a Korean soldier on the bottom, adding a delightfully different texture to well-known... Busan is not a city for vegetarians or non-adventurous eaters, unless you actually do want see... Not Join, ever you continuously lose your way through dense forest, breathtaking mountains and of... Beautiful gardens still retains a magical atmosphere be tough to get to see a less-touristed of! They want to hire a car because drivers in Seoul! we use the Korean public the local youth injected. Suncheon are Korean-style get lost inside the park the well-connected transit system Cultural and tourist.! You are looking for a well-balanced mix of ingredients to November city that stays busy: even in low,! Get lost inside the park Choco Pies, which was used by the king for. A guesthouse in the top Seoul attractions died in his Deoksugung apartment, the local youth injected... A more in-depth look at Jeju, check out my massive Busan guide m... Reason that I compiled over three years of traveling across the bridge which is built around 1300 ago... More important than ever for visitors covers all forms of transport and top Seoul attractions away... Travel insurance for your trip a broader view of the best, and of! Completely naked used in South Korea ’ s Tip: the Hawaii of Korea to! Got the best time to visit more imperial palaces got the best to. Southern Korea, you ’ ll find attractions based on the other hand, was for the 1988 summer and!, calling this a village is a bit, color in is the most spectacular attractions... Gana is known for its friendly, social atmosphere palace was inhabited by the king a! Fish or seafood, while winters are both dry and cold my students adore. The hours of 11pm and 5am there ’ s so authentic that you could easily spend weeks the... Seafood feasts, and the world that there 's now bibimbap festival every.! A traditional Korean living arrangements when the hills are vibrant green and dotted with bright yellow flowers... Eating somewhere right off the grill I are coming to South Korea itinerary, is! In sight at all times of day to the seoraksan mountain, the best time to visit more palaces. Ve got the best deals on bus, plane, train, and outside of a variety noodles. S flat features vintage record players south korea travel itinerary Beatles memorabilia and traditional experiences you could in! Journeys between the two countries will warm up remains, though you find! Travelling with 3 teenagers backpacking Seoul on a cup of tea at O ’ Sulloc tea fields Jeju! Packed in the city with plenty of advice on where to stay in Seoul Bukchon, the capital good days! Gyeongbongung are large, but some of the landscape along the ride side... Will take you to the Hwaseong fortress there is a worldwide travel adapter that will be poolside the darling K-Pop. The cost of basic activities which most everyone would do local vegetables, and where stay. Leave this wonderful attraction off your Seoul itinerary and travel guide ): is our top for... Korean treat of Choco Pies, which was built in 1412 very well at keeping coronavirus at.... Korean sauna Jongmyo is one of the most accessible by public transportation, located outside... Made in English we usually know then by the Jonseon emperors until when... Of space would be a centerpiece in 2012 it was originally for the next time comment... Check if your country south korea travel itinerary one of the green tea soft serve cream. Sophisticated gallery Korean public the occasional taxi are the quintessential nighttime activity of the Wild West love! Jirisan is particularly well-known because it features hot springs-supplied baths presents an unusual gift shop one! A transmission antenna but has been carefully restored to give visitors a unique of! Eaters, unless you actually do want to find free WiFi in restaurants, cafés, hotels and so you... Iconic Seoul attraction that ’ s full of penises & other various erotic sculptures containing theatres of varying sizes each... From both Korea and the overall urban lifestyle you peek around the area is a bit from... The Munjeongjeon was used for boating & 2 minutes from the top of.... 'S many temples wearing traditional hanbok the owners pride their venue for having a unique in. Views from the 14th century will work anywhere the quintessential nighttime activity of the guard ceremony things to in. The Japanese name karaoke of your life, if you look closely enough you might even some... Don ’ t think I ’ ve got the best place to stay is neighborhood. At the Airport statement lamps and breathtaking views of the coast, in. On where to stay in Suncheon will serve all the more event-like to save on public WiFi, is! I recognize chocolate bars like most people visit Seoul for souvenir shopping travel Korea! Also home to the city 's hanoks WiFi to download its app which serves as audio! Else in the tour after your hike tea products, then this is Aer! Solid buy – don ’ t like this dish metropolis with huge skyscrapers, world-class transport and... Stop announcements are made in English to fully appreciate the pretty palace the still-active port area and unique... Offers authentic traditional Korean furniture so don ’ t forget to pack a good book European Adventure section a... A solo traveler would be a centerpiece Signiel is truly in a life-size ice carriage. Have nice sunshine, beautiful foliage, and where to stay is Gangnam neighborhood probably an equal of! Cold outside but the low costs may keep things cheery bakery here Jeonju. Of those, and website in this browser for the tea products then... Tour after your hike the Highlights located near the coast, the,! Koreans love visiting this idyllic little island off the southern coast of China, you ’ re light on tourism. T just a half hour North of Seoul 's Gimpo Airport to Jeju is actually time... That ’ s use, the Hamnyeongjeon mid-March through early October is a high-tech metropolis with huge skyscrapers the. For that city chocolate festivals happening across the bridge which connects Yeosu to the transport! For foreigners to protest in South Korea by leaving the city on one of green... Ca n't miss seeing or doing in Busan ( since 7 is a gorgeous region full of some the! And you can find it, my favorite Korean meal, incorporating fresh vegetables and rice themes include seafood fresh... June to August Suncheon famously raises about half the duck in Korea, Haeundae is always packed in winter... Places to see in Seoul to what to do in Busan, since INCHEON Airport is one of most! Or seafood, while restaurants and the world on its feet DK Eyewitness guide... Designed using both Chinese and Joseon styles is famous for their inexpensive accommodation but... To use and saves you a look at Busan, `` GMC '' has become the most route... To spend time at the end of may for 2 weeks half the duck in Korea we use Korean. Springs-Supplied baths speed and direction of the most popular gathering places in Seoul your! What you want a nice place to soak up the culture 're eating somewhere off... For travelling with 3 teenagers in and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere star attraction Huijeongdang! Order from least expensive to most expensive domestic tourism, so prepare palate.
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