This is where the main magic happens. Carrying it out means you’ll not only need the micro USB 3.0 cable, but its power jack too. This, however, offers you no redundancy, and therefore no protection from hardware failures; thanks to the WD Smartware software, this can easily be changed if you so desire. %PDF-1.6 %���� If you want to choose a desktop-class drive, WD My Book Duo Desktop drive is a good choice. The My Book Duo comes bundled with software that creates secure local, cloud and system-level backups for a complete data … Featuring Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, the WD My Book Pro is designed for pro users looking for a speedy, yet efficient way, to manage huge amounts of digital content, as it can hold upwards of 12TB in raw capacity. Anyway, the bottom half is very resistant to dust and fingerprint, so you can at least grab its lower half if there’s any need to carry it around. The brand new design has two aspects – firstly there’s the highly glossy piano black top half of the enclosure, and secondly there’s the matte black lower half with what I can say is WD’s iconic line pattern. %%EOF Its brand new design definitely catches eyes of many, and its performance is commendable too. Maybe. WD My Book Driver Windows 10. Recently, the external hard drive became extremely slow while transferring data. Sure, it’s still a hard disk and it makes noise – but just mild humming though. J�e>�������w�_A`CfX��/�y�ӈ�@�l���,[ �]`��x� Y���_�+�L��p9s�N�!/l�o���ӣ_O����Hc��|-l�� f����]��XG6'R귶B�²�qc �cF��QS2��/��Tt)��?�25"���������Qd�i|�_���t���ƅ�'4#��-�+:p��&. Interface Transfer Rate … As power delivery is not handled by USB interface, the WD My Book (2016)’s performance shines! Also, the WD My Book (2016) is considerably quieter than the WD Black too. You can manage all of your files from My Book or WD Drive Utilities. Though inconvenient to carry around, the true magnificence is in its speeds. This allows you to connect to social media sites like Facebook and to Cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Performance … WD Reliability Millions of people around the world trust their data to My Book desktop storage. The drive passes SMART data and ATA Identity, which can be read using CrystalDiskInfo. 1997 0 obj <>/Encrypt 1985 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<72327F486C0F1F439C1790DCAF2BF3D4>]/Index[1984 88]/Info 1983 0 R/Length 91/Prev 961039/Root 1986 0 R/Size 2072/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Review – Edifier MP233: Highly Recommended Bluetooth Speaker, Review – Noctua NH-L12: More Than Meets The Eye, Here’s how you can monitor the CPU, GPU, FPS, and thermals…, [Tutorial] LizardFS – Drive Level File Redundancy On Single Computer, How I fixed the scroll wheel on my ASUS ROG Gladius, NVMe SSD Thermal Throttling & Preventions, Our top smartphone picks of 2020; and some accessories, Royal Canin Club is an ecosystem that rewards Malaysian pet lovers, Bringing 5G to the masses with the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, Western Digital’s sudden announcement of its brand new redesigned My Book and My Passport, Comparing with the speeds over a SATA III-based WD Black that we’ve reviewed here, I’m still using the WD DL2100 NAS that we’ve reviewed here, Review - JOI Book SK3000: Snapdragon on a laptop at an impossibly low price, [PSA] Here's how to spot a FAKE Redmi AirDots (a.k.a. So in all, the WD My Book Live Duo is sure to provide attractively-priced, midrange performance networked storage with easy-to-use remote access for many value-focused buyers. The drive became extremely slow, especially when I was trying to transfer data from my computer or open files on the drive. The Good The new WD My Book is fast, good-looking and supports a high level of encryption.. [Unboxing] ASUS ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro Media Appreciation Package! It’s available in retail stores nationwide too, so you can head on to your nearest store to pick one up right now! ... but 2TB and 3TB models cost just £129.99 and £159.99 respectively, a mere £30 premium on the same sizes of My Book external hard drive. However, if you’re already using a WD My Book, then it’s up to your choice whether to upgrade or not. Şimdi indirimli fiyatla sipariş verin, ayağınıza gelsin! The range of scores (95th - 5th percentile) for the WD My Passport 2TB is 30.8%. WD SmartWare automatic backup … WD My Cloud Home design and specifications. My WD USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Gets a Slow Transfer Rate, Help "I have a 1TB WD My Passport USB 3.0 external hard drive with 400GB data saved in it. This is the review of WD’s brand new reimagined and redesigned WD My Book. the trusted My Book desktop storage with a 3-year limited warranty. You also get a 10x … However, if I leave my machine running for any period … My Book drive, with the WD Discovery ... For highest performance and reliability, always install the latest updates and service pack (SP). İki USB 3.0 bağlantı … I simply refer as the new WD My Book (2016) version. Plus, WD has introduced a series of easy-to-use apps to increase the My Book… WD My Cloud – Performance. As far as I can find out, the speeds are definitely faster in the brand new WD My Book (2016), and it comes with a much better aesthetic too. I tried to copy a single Word document to the drive, it took me 5 minutes to complete. Below is the price for all variants of the WD My Book (2016). Now, follow the 3 steps to fix MBR on Western Digital hard drive. The enthusiastic nanoelectronic engineer who found his way into simplifying the world of tech for everyone. WD My Book Pro 16GB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hdd Accelerate your creativity Designed specifically for the creative professional and data intensive user, My Book Pro is WD’s fastest external storage solution yet. When Western Digital stopped trying to make the My Book series look like actual books, it heralded a vast improvement in aesthetics. It seems that WD has gone all bright and high-contrast with its packaging design, with an almost fluorescent green, white and black colour scheme. The WD My Book (2016) has a pretty dull set of features, per se. There’s absolutely zero way to know if it’s functioning or not, until you plug in the micro USB 3.0 cable to your computer. Using the StorageReview Z640 workstation, we measured the transfer speeds from WD My Book using IOMeter. CES 2021. My speedtests says i’m having a 90 mbps speed on WiFi 2.4GHz. Note: If Western Digital disk is a data disk, and the system can boot up successfully, you can just start your computer, … Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic), [UPDATED] Guide - Mechanical Keyboard LED Mod, [PSA] Lazada Scam! 0 The My Book($142.99 at Amazon) shares its vertical orientation with older WD drives like the 2012 iteration of the My Book Duo, though its scalloped black polycarbonate sides are more like … WD Security is something that I did find useful for others, but not for me. WD 51 24 ... Best value for money - Value for money is based on real world performance. Powering up the WD My Book (2016) however makes me realize one thing – there’s no activity LED. WD NASes that are known to support Flow Control (and have the feature enabled by default): WD My Book Live; WD My Book Live Duo; WD My Cloud (NOT the EX4) The WD My Cloud EX4 does not appear to have Flow Control enabled.
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