Rinse the filter under running cold water to clean it, then set it aside to air dry. I tried lifting the white plastic … Don’t go through the cold winter months with dry skin just because you can’t get the right amount of moisture in the air. After cleaning the humidifier with vinegar, Drake suggests using a bleach solution to kill any lingering bacteria. Press the speed button and hold for 5 seconds to turn the unit on or off. 3. It was so dirty that the fan would only go on the highest speed. Step 3: Disinfect Humidifier. Seasonal Shut-Down and Start-Up . Step 1: Cleaning a humidifier isn’t particularly difficult, but it should be done weekly for optimum performance and safety. Page 6: Control Lock Feature ® ® We also recommend using AIRCARE or Essick Air Bacteriostat Treatment each time you refill your humidifier to eliminate bacterial growth. The best easy to clean humidifier makes your life a lot easier, so it’s understandable why the cleaning process is one of various factors that determines your humidifier purchase. However, your humidifier still needs to be cleaned regularly. Humidifiers require regular maintenance, such as filter cleaning and replacement, but occasionally you may have to perform a humidifier repair, like … Remove the humidifier’s filter. You should clean your humidifier every 1-2 weeks to keep it from getting dirty and putting bacteria into the air. To reduce the risk of injury, fire or damage to humidifier, use only cleaners specifically recommended for humidifiers. Replacement Parts We carry a wide variety of air duct cleaning accessories and equipment for the repair and maintenance of Air-Care indoor air quality cleaning equipment. Before cleaning your humidifier, always unplug the unit for safety. FAN SPEED The D46720 has a four speed digital control panel. 5 Steps to Deep Cleaning Your Humidifier. Remove the humidifier’s water tank. DuctMaster Replacement Parts Replacement Filters for Turbo Jets Here are the filters that are compatible with our entire line of Turbojet Air-Care equipment. Make sure that important living areas stay well balanced throughout the entire year. Rinse it with cool water. The motor will not go on now because the no water light is on. Fill the tank with distilled white vinegar, making sure … Allow the filter to dry. Do not use cleaning solutions on the filter. It was terribly dirty inside. I have an Essick Air D46 720 humidifier. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to clean your humidifier. These cleaning steps are especially important if you are using a cool mist humidifier. By following these five simple steps, you will be able to get the most from your humidifier and improve your indoor air quality. AIRCARE humidifiers will maximize the comfort and personal wellness of any indoor environment. Protec Cleaning Cartridges also help prevent the buildup of slime in the water and on humidifier surfaces. I took it apart to clean it. Not only do evaporative humidifiers improve your health, but they also provide cosmetic benefits. Always unplug the unit before moving, cleaning or removing the fan assembly section from the humidifier, or whenever it is not in service. To perform a basic cleaning, first open the case of your humidifier and remove the filter. 4. The Protec Cleaning Ball will keep your humidifier cleaner longer between cleanings. Keep the humidifier clean.